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Call for Paper from BAASANA June 17-19, 2019, Adelphi University (Angello Alumni House), Long Island, New York, USA

BAASANA is an interdisciplinary, not for profit, professional association of business, sciences and technology. It seeks dissemination of advanced knowledge and skills among scholars and practitioners of business and applied sciences toward resolving issues and problems of 21st century. By sharing knowledge, expertise, and facilitating transfer of know-how across digital divide we seek to contribute toward improvement of human conditions. Through scholarly, professional conferences, publication of peer reviewed proceedings, journals and expert panel discussions and making them freely and instantly accessible through the versatility of World Wide Web, BAASANA seeks to accomplish its mission. Annual membership dues are $50 for all practitioners and scholars of business, social, natural, behavioral sciences and technology.

Minutes of Board Meeting, dated August 18, 2017

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