Finding Newman Conference Center

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Finding 151 East 25th Street and Newman Conference Center:

Newman Conference Center is in the campus of Baruch College of the City University of New York. It
is on the E. 25th street between Park Avenue and Lexington Avenue. 151 East 25th Street is the
Library Building of the College, and the Newman Center is on the 7th floor. Upon entering the
building, meet with the security personnel at the right side; indicate that you are a
participant/panelist/session chair/guest of the BAASANA conference. Security could ask you for your
ID (They will have a copy of the program and you could bring a printed copy with you). Take the
elevator to the 7th floor. Find BAASANA registration desk nearby.

Accommodation near the conference Center

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Hotels for BAASANA 2015 ConferenceAttached is a list of hotels produced by search engines: Please also note that price and availability of rooms changes daily. Price listed is as of June 16, 2015. You may search hotels by using any of the following search engines for the latest price and availability:;;, and the like.

With the above search engines cheaper/affordable accommodations may also be found in Queens and Brooklyn with easy access to mass transit. It is possible to arrive at the Conference center within 20-30 minutes by mass transit from many hotels in Queens and Brooklyn.

Please note that New York City map, City Transit map and Tourist Guides may be obtained by using Google searches.

Click here for a listing of hotels