About the Journal

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International Journal of Business & Applied Sciences (IJBAS) is an international double- blind peer reviewed journal of Business and Applied Sciences Academy of North America (BAASANA) that provides guidance for those involved at all levels of business and applied sciences. The IJBAS is unique in a sense that it encourages interdisciplinary research and provides a platform for dialogue among researchers in general business and applied sciences. The journal publishes research papers, the results and analysis of which will have implications or relevance to policy makers and practitioners in relevant fields. While IJBAS gives priority to empirical/analytical research papers, it also publishes original conceptual papers, review papers, case studies, and book reviews.

Special Issues devoted to important topics in business, applied sciences, and related topics, will be occasionally published.

The journal is an invaluable support to academics and researchers in the field, and to all those charged with setting policies and strategies for business and social organizations.


Professionals, academics, researchers, managers, policy makers

Dr. Yam B. Limbu, Editor-In-Chief, limbuy@Montclair.edu

Dr. M. Ruhul Amin, Managing Editor, baasana2@gmail.com