Names of Board Members and Emails

Dr. M. Ruhul Amin, Founder, President Emeritus, Chairman of the Board, Former Fulbright Management Specialist, USA baasana2@gmail.com
Dr. John Okpara, Professor, Bloomsburg, PA, Vice Chairman, Ex-President and Charter Member, USA jookpara@gmail.com
Dr. France Owarish, Senior Vice President-External Relations, & Life Member, Exec. Dir. International Institute for Strategic Research and Training (UN Affiliated) fowarish@verizon.net
Dr.  Serajul I. Bhuiyan, President, Ex-Department Chair, Professor, Savannah State University, Georgia,  USA sibhuiyan@yahoo.com
Dr. Kathryn Wood Zeno,  Senior Vice President, Faculty Member Ramapo College of New Jersey, USA kzeno@ramapo.edu
Dr. Christina Chung, Vice President,  Faculty Member, Ramapo College of New Jersey, USA Cchung@ramapo.edu
Dr. Madhav Sharma, Vice President-Student Forum, Charter Member, Retired Director of International Students Bloomsburg, PA, USA sharma.madhav366@gmail.com
Dr. Socrates Boussios, Vice President,  Faculty Member,US MM Academy, Charter Member, NY, USA Boussioss@usmma.edu
Dr. Jet Mboga, Vice President-Administration & Sub Sahara Region of Africa, Faculty Member, Bloomsburg, PA USA Jet_mboga@baasana.org
Dr. Chanaz Gargori, Vice President, Northern Africa Region, Faculty Member, St. Peters University, NJ, USA  


Dr. Nick Koumbiadis, Director Logistics, Charter Member, Faculty Member Adelphi University, NY, USA nkoumbiadis@adelphi.edu
Mr. Anup Sharma, Assistant Vice President, Manager of  the Web Sites & Digital Media anup.bloomu@gmail.com
Dr. Michael Hamlet, Former Associate Dean KGS, Faculty member, New York, USA drmth56@gmail.com
Dr. Jeffrey A. Krug,  Former Dean, Faculty Member, Penn State University, USA jeffreyakrug@gmail.com
Dr. Afloabi Aiyedun,  NY State Government, USA Afolabi.Aiyedun@dot.ny.gov
Dr. Donald Crooks, Director, MBA Program, Faculty member, Wagner College, New York, USA dcrooks@wagner.edu
Dr. Michel Sauvignon, University of New Rochelle, France michel.sauvignon@gmail.com
Dr. David Martin, Dean of Business, WCSU, Board Member, USA martindg@wcsu.edu
Dr.Rajib Sanyal, Dean, School of Business, Adelphi University, NY, USA rsanyal@adelphi.edu
Dr. Alfred Ntoko, former Provost, Dean of Business, Faculty Member, National University, CA, USA alfred.ntoko@nu.edu
Dr. Atish Chottopadaye, Director, Jagdish Sheth School of Management (JAGSOM), Bangalore, Chapter President, India atish.chattapadhaye@ifim.edu.in
Dr. Bui Anh Tuan, President of Foreign Trade University, Faculty Member, President, Vietnam Chapter, Vietnam buianhhtuan.bgh@ftu.edu.vn
Dr. Steve Walsh, Distinguished Professor at University of New Mexico, USA Walsh@unm.edu
Dr. Nazrul Islam, Board Member, President of BAASANA-UK, Professor, University of Exeter, England, UK N.islam@exeter.ac.uk
Dr. Githa Heggde, Business Dean, UPES, Dheradun, India heggdi@gmail.com
Dr. Farooq Sheikh, Board Member,  Faculty Member,SUNY-Geneseo, New York, USA sheikh@geneseo.edu
Dr. Jahirul Haque, Vice Chancellor, University of Liberal Arts,  Professor, President ULAB-Bangladesh Chapter jahirul.haque@ulab.edu.bd
Dr. George Agbango, Board Member, Former Vice-Provost Professor, Bloomsburg, USA Contact BAASANA for address
Professor Imran Rahman, Ex. Vice Chancellor; Dean of Business, ULAB, Country Coordinator at Large, Bangladesh imran,rahman@ulab.edu.bd
Dr. Nik Hasnaa Nik Mahmood, Country Coordinator, Chapter President-Malaysia, Assoc. Editor IJBAS, Malaysia nikhasnaa@hotmail.com
Dr. Anis Rahman, Distinguished Scientist-NASA Awardee, Board Member,  PA, USA a.rahman@arphototonics.net
Ms. Di Wang, President, Bank of China, Shenyang, China, Country Coordinator, China, PRC shanshandidi@126.com
Professor Yang Litian, Ex President of the Business College, at Shenyang, Senior Country Coordinator, China, PRC borisyang100@126.com
Dr. Mary Kate Naatus, Dean Business School, Professor, St. Peters University, NJ, USA mnaatus@saintpeters.edu
Dr. Hiroki Hanada,  Country Coordinator, Inventor of Patented Products, Professor, Okayama Univ. of Science and Technology-Professor, Japan hiroki08031952@yahoo.co.jp
Mr. Peter Yue, Vice-President, WAFINIF   United Nations, New York, USA/China peteryue777@gmail.com
Dr. Subhajit Bhattacharyya, Institute of MGT & Technology (Member Nominated), Nagpur, India Contact baasana.org for e-mail address.

Members of Leadership Team

Dr. Paul Nugent, Coordinator of the State of Connecticut, Faculty member at West Conn. State U. CT, USA nugentp@wcsu.edu
Dr. Pedro Vasseur, Coordinator, NYC Universities and Colleges,  Faculty Member at Pace University, NY,USA pvasseur@pace.edu
Dr. Alan Cooper, Associate. Dean, Adelphi University, New York, USA cooper@adelphi.edu
Dr. Steve Welch,  Faculty Member, Exec. Sec. to the Board, Assistant Editor,  Bloomsburg, PA, USA Contact BAASANA.ORG for Contact address
Dr. Anthony Richardson, Coordinator of Social Media, Southern Connecticut U, USA richardsona4@southernct.edu
Dr. Yam Limbu, Faculty at MontClaire, State University, New Jersey
Editor-in-Chief, IJBAS
Dr. Elain Lau, Track Chair Management/OB,  Bloomsburg, PA, USA Contract BAASANA.ORG for e-mail address
Dr.Parijat Upadhyay
IMT Nagpur,  Faculty Member, BAASANA Chapter Coordinator
Nagpur, India
Dr. Kala Miah, Faculty Member, York College, York, PA,
Track Chair for Engineering & Technology
Dr. Mohammad Al Yasin, Ibrahim,  Faculty Member, University of Kuwait, Kuwait alyasin.y@gmail.com
Mr. Walter Szykitka, Author of Whole Earth Design Project, New York, USA wszykitka@gmail.com