Names of Board Members and Emails

Names of Board Members and Emails

Dr. M. Ruhul Amin, Founder, President Emeritus, Chairman of the Board, Former Fulbright Management Specialist, USA [email protected]
Dr. John Okpara, Professor, Bloomsburg, PA, Vice Chairman, Ex-President and Charter Member, USA [email protected]
Dr. France Owarish, Senior Vice President-External Relations, & Life Member, Exec. Dir. International Institute for Strategic Research and Training (UN Affiliated) [email protected]
Dr.  Serajul I. Bhuiyan, President, Ex-Department Chair, Professor, Savannah State University, Georgia,  USA [email protected]
Cathyann Tully, D.P.S., Finance, Professor, Business, Nicolais School [email protected]
Shani D. Carter, Ph.D, Professor, Nicolais School of Business, Wagner College [email protected]
Dr. Kathryn Woodbury Zeno,  Senior Vice President, Faculty Member Ramapo College of New Jersey, USA [email protected]
Dr. Christina Chung, Vice President,  Faculty Member, Ramapo College of New Jersey, USA [email protected]
Mrs. Tonya Rivers, President of Student Forum
Doctoral Student, Capella University-MN
Dr. Madhav Sharma, Vice President-Student Forum, Charter Member, Retired Director of International Students Bloomsburg, PA, USA [email protected]
Dr. Socrates Boussios, Vice President,  Faculty Member,US MM Academy, Charter Member, NY, USA
[email protected]
Dr. Jet Mboga, Vice President-Administration & Sub Sahara Region of Africa, Faculty Member, Bloomsburg, PA USA [email protected]
Dr. Chanaz Gargori, Vice President, Northern Africa Region, Faculty Member, St. Peters University, NJ, USA [email protected]
Professor Alexandra Esimaje – President, Baasana Nigeria and Chair, LOC. Benson Idahosa University, Nigeria
Dr. Nick Koumbiadis, Director Logistics, Charter Member, Faculty Member Adelphi University, NY, USA [email protected]
Mr. Anup Sharma, Assistant Vice President, Manager of  the Web Sites & Digital Media [email protected]
Dr. Michael Hamlet, Former Associate Dean KGS, Faculty member, New York, USA [email protected]
Dr. Jeffrey A. Krug,  Former Dean, Faculty Member, Penn State University, USA [email protected]
Dr. Afloabi Aiyedun,  NY State Government, USA [email protected]
Dr. Donald Crooks, Director, MBA Program, Faculty member, Wagner College, New York, USA [email protected]
Dr. Michel Sauvignon, University of New Rochelle, France [email protected]
Dr. David Martin, Dean of Business, WCSU, Board Member, USA [email protected]
Dr.Rajib Sanyal, Dean, School of Business, Adelphi University, NY, USA [email protected]
Dr. Alfred Ntoko, former Provost, Dean of Business, Faculty Member, National University, CA, USA [email protected]
Dr. Atish Chottopadaye, Director, Jagdish Sheth School of Management (JAGSOM), Bangalore, Chapter President, India [email protected]
Dr. Bui Anh Tuan, President of Foreign Trade University, Faculty Member, President, Vietnam Chapter, Vietnam [email protected]
Dr. Steve Walsh, Distinguished Professor at University of New Mexico, USA [email protected]
Dr. Nazrul Islam, Board Member, President of BAASANA-UK, Professor, University of Exeter, England, UK [email protected]
Dr. Githa Heggde, Business Dean, UPES, Dheradun, India [email protected]
Dr. Farooq Sheikh, Board Member,  Faculty Member,SUNY-Geneseo, New York, USA [email protected]
Dr. Jahirul Haque, Vice Chancellor, University of Liberal Arts,  Professor, President ULAB-Bangladesh Chapter [email protected]
Dr. George Agbango, Board Member, Former Vice-Provost Professor, Bloomsburg, USA Contact BAASANA for address
Professor Imran Rahman, Ex. Vice Chancellor; Dean of Business, ULAB, Country Coordinator at Large, Bangladesh imran,[email protected]
Dr. Nik Hasnaa Nik Mahmood, Country Coordinator, Chapter President-Malaysia, Assoc. Editor IJBAS, Malaysia [email protected]
Dr. Anis Rahman, Distinguished Scientist-NASA Awardee, Board Member,  PA, USA [email protected]
Ms. Di Wang, President, Bank of China, Shenyang, China, Country Coordinator, China, PRC [email protected]
Professor Yang Litian, Ex President of the Business College, at Shenyang, Senior Country Coordinator, China, PRC [email protected]
Dr. Mary Kate Naatus, Dean Business School, Professor, St. Peters University, NJ, USA [email protected]
Dr. Hiroki Hanada,  Country Coordinator, Inventor of Patented Products, Professor, Okayama Univ. of Science and Technology-Professor, Japan [email protected]
Mr. Peter Yue, Vice-President, WAFINIF   United Nations, New York, USA/China [email protected]
Dr. Subhajit Bhattacharyya, Institute of MGT & Technology (Member Nominated), Nagpur, India Contact for e-mail address.